Soar Like Eagles

I’M BACK . . . it’s been 12 months and many changes later since my beloved Art passed the Ministry torch to my hands.  Life has been busy with new opportunities, new people and a new location, all of which have brought pleasant surprises and joy to my family and myself.  FaceBook has proven to be productive for my frequent moments of inspirational thought.  I welcome new friends daily!

Yesterday morning, while washing my face, these words screamed into my head: “You can’t fly like an eagle when your claws are in your enemy.”

I searched my heart immediately for I had decided a long time ago that my dictum in life would be to keep short accounts. Thus, this urgency has to be for someone out there who wants to soar in prosperity but is miserable with bitterness.  Grudges ground us! The Upward draft is difficult to catch.

The sinister side of an ongoing grudge is that it brings progress to a screeching halt.  God’s way to freedom for us, is to forgive; thereby releasing our enemy from our clutches; namely, cease from our judging and condemning.  Instead, we pronounce blessings of goodness and kindness on him; freeing him to catch his upper draft breezes of God’s blessing.  We too will catch the Breeze of Blessing!…We will fly like eagles were intended to fly…effortlessly!

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  1. carol marks says:

    Thanks for sharing this Greta. I really needed this today. I didn’t think I had any grudges but when I searched my heart I saw one tucked away in the corner. I blessed the person and am blessed in return. Keep those thoughts coming.. Blessings to you, Carol

  2. Mukwaya Juliet says:

    Thank you Greta,

    After searching all my heart, I forgive all my prosecutors, my mother my brother, the father of my children . This message has given me a new joy and a reason to smile again and I want to take an upward swing!!

  3. Donnalene Ruth Menchaca says:

    Glad to find your blog Sis Greta!
    I also can affirm the POWER of this word! Three weeks ago tonight
    I was SET FREE! and REVIVED!! (from a 3 or 4 year struggle with depression)
    in a 45 minute conversation with my husband. We had not been communicating
    well about some big issues, and I had not been honest with him re my feelings.
    But PRAISE GOD for His mercy and faithfulness!!! even when we are not!

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